Saturday, October 29, 2011

What! You've never been to Chattanooga

Well what's wrong with you.

Cathy and I have been coming to Chattanooga for probably over 20 years, the first time we came here and went downtown it made Detroit look safe. But they have done so much to the downtown river front area that it's hard to believe, every year there is something new to see. One of the things is that most of the development is by private companies or investors, The two aquariums, the Art museum, the new baseball stadium, theater house, all the restaurants and tons of other things just means you can't get bored. And that's just in the city.

This year so far we discovered the huge new VW plant and the Amazon warehouse distribution center, we found these because you have to drive past them to get to the new Nature Center which is located on the old TNT munitions factory property. This was is use during WWII, we drove around the perimeter road the other day and it was about 7 miles, everything inside of this is either paved biking/hiking trails (about 10 miles worth) or dirt/gravel trails for hiking/Mt biking (probably another 8 to 10 miles).

I'm trying a slide show here which is pretty big, about 70 pictures from the last few years of Chattanooga and the riverfront area. The river front has a 8 miles paved hiking/biking trail that runs right along the river, (about 85% of the trail in right on the river) there are a few areas that go around homes or buildings but not much.

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Carol said...

Great photos! On the bucket list! Thanks.