Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Covered Bridges Ohio

Just spent the day driving around the county looking for Covered bridges.
Also found a little diner that had a good selection of homemade pies, I got the last slice of Grape pie never heard of it before so I had to try it,tasted a lot like blueberry.

When we exited this bridge there was a huge fully loaded semi coming our way, no way was he getting through this bridge,took him about 20 minutes to turn it around, but he did it.

Garfield -The President

I'm so far behind in posting Blogs I don't think I'll ever catch up. We stopped here in early August.

We stopped by the President Garfield Nation Site.  As soon as you get there sign up for the next tour then go to the museum to look around, they will call you when your tour starts,they get filled up pretty fast.
We had a real good tour guide,he was interning for the summer, the tour was about 45 minutes long and was extremely informative.  Garfield had a very full life even with it being cut short.

He was assassinated for not give someone a government job.

Inaugural Ball dress,cost $45 at that time

Various rooms in the house, 29 rooms total

This plaque was made by the engraving department and as far as they know it's the only one ever made.

This wreath was sent to his funeral by Queen Victoria along with a very nice letter, Mrs Garfield had the wreath taken apart piece by piece and dipped in wax to preserve it then reassembled. 

Everything in the house is original to the house, the chandlers were originally natural gas but then converted to electric. 

Most of the house was added on after his death

This was his library,it contained over 5000 books, he and his wife were fluent in 6 languages. You can see in the reflection in the mirror of elaborate the wood work was, it was all hand carved by a local farmer.