Friday, September 18, 2009

Lighthouse Village

Holy Cows! It's September already, not just September but the middle of September, we should have been on the road and heading south a week ago, yet we're still here in Homer. Let's see the last time I had a chance to sit down and do a blog entry was right after we bought the lot here at Lighthouse Village (LHV).After our first day on the lot we had to pull the motor home off again so they could cut down a large Ash tree that was dying from the ash borer bug, took two days before we got it back on the slab and set up again. By then the kids had nothing planned for a few days so we brought them out here to mess around, they kept us busy 24/7 until we took them home. Their were a bunch of flower beds that hadn't been attended to for quite a few years so we spent a day digging those out, they were a bunch of Hasta's and a couple of the ladies from the park took them all and replanted them in a different part of the park, so now we're the good guys for donating all the flowers. With that done it was time to drive over and get the kids for another few days, sleeping in the motor home seems to be a little bit topsy turvy to me, Cathy sleeps in the overhead because that's where her CPAP is located. Now Rachel sez that she's to tall for the couch so she sleeps in the overhead with grandma, Nick sez that he's to tall for the couch so he sleeps on the floor with the air mattress with the 4 inch foam pad, umm lets see that means that grandpa fits the couch just right unless I want to try sleeping in the drivers seat. First thing next spring I'm building two bunks in the shed, and I'm making one extra nice since that's where I'll be sleeping most of the summer. I spent a day fixing up an couple of old bikes so the kids will have something to ride when they're out here, it was that or buy a golf cart, got the bikes done just in time because it was the holiday week end and we had the kids for another 5 days. It went buy pretty fast, there's so much going on here that they never had a chance to sit down with the mini golf, swimming pool, hot tub, dry sauna, tennis courts, teen center with a 42 inch flat screen, ping pong, air hockey, soccer table, volley ball and more. One night there was Rocking with the Oldies on the beach, another a Christian Rock band at the club house, teen pizza parties, a fun fair with about 20 different things for them to do including pony rides and a bucking bull ride then they ended it all with an ice cream party. Suz and Don came out Sunday to see the place and have a BBQ on Sunday which saved us a drive back into Wixom. It's just about 90 miles from the kids house to the park , which adds up if you're doing it twice a week, hopefully next summer we'll only be doing it 2 or 3 times a month instead of a week.We finally had two days to ourselves so I got busy and painted the shed, it's only an 8x8 shed but it had been so long since it was last painted that it took over two gallons of paint.About 90% of the people here in the park closed everything down after the Holiday and called it a summer so we pretty much have the park to ourselves. A couple more volley ball games to go to, two doctor appointments one bridal shower and it will be the end of the month before we pull out of here for the season.Here's a few pictures of the park.

Part of the 15 acre Lake Fife.
A section of the pond.
The Pool area.
Our Lighthouse.

Putt Putt.
Welcome Gardens.