Sunday, August 22, 2010

Maybe I'm Just Stupid

Maybe it’s me and I just don’t get it, I’m still amazed that the stores now put out their Halloween stuff right after the Fourth of July and Christmas stuff the day school starts in the fall. But last February our little electric heater died while we were in central Georgia, no problem I’ll just run down to the big box store and buy a new one, wrong. Every store I went to was sold out and when I asked them when they would be getting more in they all told me that they were done for the season, it snowed two days later but the season was over. We tried every place we could think of as we headed north and it took about three weeks before a guy at a Home Depot went in the back room and opened up a crate that was scheduled to be shipped back to the warehouse and dug one out for us. We arrived in Michigan in mid April and continued to use the heater into early May.

So a few weeks ago I started working inside the shed at our lot (converting it into a bunkhouse for the grand kids & a MAN cave for me), since the sheds all have to be painted dark brown and are not allowed to have windows I figured that I would get the air conditioner this year and work in comfort. Wrong again! It’s the first week of August, it’s in the mid 90’s and the humidity is pushing about 95 and guess what, nobody has any air conditioners because the season is over for the year. My calendar most really be messed up because the other day when I was re- shingling the shed I had to drink about two gallons of water because of the heat. So the good news this week is that it only took me four stores to find a fan to use until January when the air conditioners start showing up in the stores again.

Meanwhile Cathy and I started getting things ready so we can head towards the southwest in a few weeks when it dawned on me, the season is probably already over so we might as well just sit here and save on gas.