Saturday, November 12, 2011

Robins Air Base Museum

After leaving Chattanooga we did a short drive down to Adairsville for the night, this gave us a chance to drive over to Canton and have dinner and a few hours conversation with some old friends from Michigan.

(FYI) We stayed at the Leisure Time RV Park which is about ½ mile off of Exit 306, Passport price is 412.50 for the first night, it was very easy in and out and had the fastest WiFI, free or paid I've ever used, It was free.

The next day was the fun part, Driving through Atlanta or the west by pass as we did, it didn't really help much. The worst traffic started 30 miles north of Atlanta, Stop and go for about 45 minutes with out an construction or accidents, pretty much just stupid drivers that have to change lanes 22 times per mile.

After that it was an easy drive to our Coast to Coast home park Southern Trails in Unadilla, we're going to spend our free week sitting around and and relaxing with a day trip or two squeezed in.

Trip Number One
The Museum of Aviation, at Robins Air Force Base. The museum is located right off the base so you don't have to jump through hoops to get to it, just park and enjoy and it's free.

It's been about 7 or 8 years since we were last here and we heard that they had added a new building and a few new displays, so we were looking forward to seeing the additions and changes. After about two and a half hours of wandering through the museum and grounds we decided that it was a toss up. They greatly reduced a few of, what we thought were their better displays to make room for some new aircraft displays. One display that was reduced to about 20 percent of what it was before was the section on the “FLYING TIGERS” the early American pilots that flew against japan for China, and the display on the “TUSKAGEE AIRMEN” the first Afro-American fighter pilot unit. Before both displays gave you a very in depth history that made you want to learn more about these men, now they are just a mere mention of them.

The new Display is the section called “Down to Earth” this id dedicated to the history of the 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR) and their part in the Invasion of Normandy. This is what we'll remember about our visit this time, there is a small theater that has a 56 minute film about the 507th that tells of the 2000 men of the 507th that took part in the invasion and how after a few month less then 800 of them returned home. This was one of the many units that was air dropped 20 miles from where they should have been and gathered at a small French village only to have to defend it from a German unit that out numbered them 10 to 1 until they were over run.

The film has interviews with many of the members from the 507th during a reunion and trip back to France and the little village to have a monument dedicated to the members who died there. The film is very well done, maybe a little long but I don't know what they could have cut, and it will give a pretty good tug on your emotions.

Just a few picture from the museum.

Warthog, my favorite.

A great display and movie

Copy of the Monument in France.

When we lived in Oscoda, Michigan we had these taking off and landing over our house 24/7 at Wurtsmith Air Base.