Sunday, November 20, 2011

Road Trip

A little road trip today, starting at the Savannah Visitors Center, not so much to find out about Savannah since we've been here so many times but to see Battlefield Memorial Park which is right behind the visitors center. This is the site of the Revolutionary War Battle of Savannah which took place October 9,1779, it's reported to be the second bloodiest battle of the war. After winning this battle England thought that they would continue on and take back control of the Colony’s. Over 800 were killed or wounded during this battle and the memorial has 800 stones to represent them.

From there it was a 30 minute drive down to Richmond Hill, this was well on it's way to be coming a ghost town until Henry Ford showed up to build a winter home here. He also bought 85,000 acres, built 272 buildings which included schools, churches, a saw mill and homes for his 600 employees.
The small Kindergarten building is now a museum.

About another 8 miles takes you to Fort McAllister, which was also on Ford Property and he was the one that started the saving and reconstruction on this historical fort. What the Fort is most famous for is this is marks the end of Sherman's March to the Sea, this is where he was able to re-supply from ships so he could continue onto Savannah and up the coast. The fort is all earthworks with underground tunnels and rooms, there is a nice museum which explains the fort and area's history along with the story of the sinking on the stockade runner Nashville.

Henry Ford and Fort McAllister

And after all this he lived through the war.


On the way home we made one more stop at the Savannah – Ogeechee Barge Canal Museum. Nobody was there and everything was closed up but we were able to walk down the tow path to the remains of Lock #5.

The legend of "The Little Lost Girl Of Lock #5"  all they ever found was a single shoe.

WHAT IS IT:  It's a deck prism (it's upside down for display reasons) it would be flush with the deck of a ship and would distribute the sun light into the room below deck.

Another sign we spotted.

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