Monday, October 17, 2011

University of Tennessee Gardens

Since our beloved Detroit Tigers went down in flames the other night we decided we had to stop crying and get out of the house so we took a drive down to the UT Gardens, right on the Tennessee river. We were really going to go down there Saturday figuring it wouldn’t be as busy as a school day until we realized that LSU was in town for a football game against the Volunteers. When the Vols are playing at home you don't want to be anywhere near downtown.

It's not a big garden but is very well done, one of the things they do is try to adapt plants from all over the country to grow in Tennessee. We spent about an hour and a half touring the gardens and they are free.
 The best way to tell you about the garden is just to post a ton of pictures, so here they are.
(Click to enlarge pictures) Don't know why but when I tested the blog and clicked on a picture to enlarge it, it opened a program, I think Picasa and made kind of a slide show which showed all the pictures in the blog but no captions to explain the photo.  It may have some thing to do with Google+ but I can't figure it out.

Something called a Flapjack

Something called Flapjacks

Fallen Heart

Monolith Garden

Giant cricket

Busy Bee

Rose garden

Pond at the Rose garden

I liked this idea, it's just a small metal table covered a mesh and then covered with rock and dirt and a small garden.  They also had a bench done like this, they looked much better then the picture shows

Close up of Flapjack

We're staying at the Escapees RV park about 15 miles north of town, 

We're the little Brown one in the middle on the right.

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Margie and Roger said...

Those flapjacks are really interesting looking.