Saturday, October 29, 2011

As Forest Gump Said


After a week in Crossville Tenn we did a nice easy drive down to Chattanooga, since we were going right by a Sams Club on the way to the park I decided to gas up the rig.  About a block from Sam's a guy cut in front of us and hit his brakes so that he could make a right turn into a hamburger joint, half way in to the drive for some reason he stopped with the rear end sticking out into our lane about 2 feet.  Well, I managed to nail the brakes hard enough and swerved a little to the left so that we didn't hit him but a block later when we pulled in for gas I thought that the front right tire was on fire there was so much smoke coming out of the wheel well.   It turned out to be just the brakes, no fire.  So after gassing up we drove 4 miles to the Campground which happened to be at Camping World, after registering I made an appointment to take it in first thing in the morning.

Of course they have to order the parts so the we stayed around camp Friday until they called at noon and said all the parts were in and that they were picking up the rig in 20 minutes so we would have it back by 5pm.  The problem was the brake caliper froze and wouldn't release the brake, so we had to replace the calipers on both side.  He recommended doing both since Ford redesigned the calipers and it's better that they are both the same.  We have 59000 miles on this rig and this is makes the third set of calipers.  If Ford has a better idea I would like to know what it is.  Since they had it up on the lift and half torn apart I decided to have them do new pads and replace Ford's other great idea, the 18 inch long rubber brake lines, which were what broke down the last time and caused the other calipers to freeze up.  After 5 hours and and 2 tons of money the brought the rig back in time for us to set up in the cold rain.

So here ends my bitch, and I'm not going to let any of this bug me because it can always be worse then it is, it's only money and we're in CHATTANOOGA and we love CHATTANOOGA, so now we're going to go have some fun.

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