Sunday, October 2, 2011

Leaving Michigan is hard to do.

No I don't mean that it's hard to leave all our Michigan friends and family behind or that the resort has been so relaxing that we're going to miss it or that the chilly,wet weather is bringing the beautiful fall colors matched only by New England.

No what I mean is we were taking the rig in for new shocks and it failed to start, plenty of battery but no spark to the engine. I start the rig every two weeks during the summer and let it run up to operating temperature but this morning nothing. OK time to give Good Sam road service a call and get a little service for my money, after about ten minutes on the phone with them and they had a tow truck on the way. We're in the middle of no where so the truck had to come from about 30 miles away, and then tow the motor home about 20 miles to where we were having the work done. It would have been about a $300 tow but Good Sam took care of it.

We started out with a bad Mass Sensor, whatever that is, they replaced it and it started right up, once. Fortunately Cathy and I were going to spend a few days at the kids house doing Football and Volley ball events with them, . Turned out to also have a bad fuel pump, it appears that the motor home company put in an extension on the wiring harness back to the fuel pump, problem was they didn't use the proper gauge wire which caused it to burn out. No I'm not going to mention Thor Corporations, Four Winds Five Thousand motor home. Once they found out that the extension was the cause and that it was bad they started looking for a new one when one of the mechanics noticed that the original wire harness was long enough to reach without the extension.  I love how the pump is in the gas tank so they had to drop the tank to replace it, labor was 4 times the amount of the pump.

We were still at the kids when they called so the next morning I left there at 6:30am drove 130 miles to the RV Center, while I was checking out they pointed out that I had a bad bulge in the right front tire. I only have about 25000 miles on them but they're pushing 6 yrs old so my next stop was the tire shop, a couple hours there and I was ready to head back to the resort and set up the rig. After that it was a simply 110 mile drive back to the kids,just in time to shower eat dinner and go to the volleyball games.

Two more days of kids volleyball and football, and now we're back at the resort relaxing for the day, watching OUR LIONS go 4 & 0, Tomorrow we'll be closing up shop here and packing everything and then hitting the road Tuesday.. We hope.

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Margie and Roger said...

These darn RV's are always having problems - and it's $$$$ too often. Glad you got everything taken care of and made it in time for the games.