Thursday, January 6, 2011

Victoria,TX, Riverside Park

We left the Rio Grand Valley the other day and did what for us what was a very long drive (230 miles) to Victoria,Tx. . We wanted to stay here for a week and I called all the parks in the area and they all were full with Winter Texans, we could find one or two days but not a week, digging deeper into the shadows of the internet I found a park that said “No problem, we'll save a place for you”. When we got there we found that it was a small park, 20 sites with full hookups 30/50 amp, nothing else, but it was half the price of all the other parks so that made it look pretty good. It's about 75 percent workers here to build the new Caterpillar plant, about half have their family with them and all seem friendly.

Our first stop was at the Visitors Center where we ended up spending about 45 minutes talking with the people and making a list of all the best places to eat and things to see and do, Super friendly, the president of the Chamber of Commerce gave us his card and told use to call him at anytime if we needed anything while we were in town.

We drove across town to the Texas Zoo, WOW the TEXAS ZOO, everything is BIG in Texas so this might take all day, NOT. It's a very small zoo but a very nice one, we love zoos and take our time going through them and we spent a little less then an hour there, we find that in the smaller zoos the animals seem to be more active and sometimes a little different. So sit back and take a tour of the TEXAS ZOO.


One of the two 11 month old Barbary Lion twins, less then 100 remain.

Cute little Badger.

Grey Fox

And the Winner is

The Zoo is located in Riverside park so when we left we just followed the road through the park which also follows the Guadalupe River, after passing a few ponds, the golf course, a Minor League (A) baseball field and then we came upon the Rose Garden. It's January and I figured there wouldn't be too many blooms but figured it was worth a stop, there were about 6 workers there cutting back the roses. When we talked with them they said that the ones they were cutting back would be blooming by the end of February. Less then 20 percent of the garden was in bloom but it was still very impressive, we would love to see it in the spring when it's at over 90 percent. Everybody apologized that there weren't more blooms for us to see but we were happy with the ones that were there, and now through the magic of digital photography they are here.

The last thing we found was before leaving the park was the half full City Campground, information we could have used yesterday. There are 18 sites with full hookup 30 & 50 amp, all are pull through, nine are pretty good size loops and the other nine are in a line and a little smaller. There is a self registration station and the rates are $12 a night or $60 for the week, like I said information we could have used yesterday.

Sorry for all the pictures but I got carried away.


Carol said...

Flowers are great! And, I agree your little green dude, is the winner! LOL

Margie and Roger said...

Great photos - the green frog is sure weird looking, but has a very happy face.

Don't ya just hate it when you find a less expensive park after you've settled into another one.