Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's cold here

Our week in Victoria is over so we're going to take our time and slowly head towards Houston, our first stop is in Palacios but I don't think we'll get to much done since it's FREEZING here. I guess this is pay back for me rubbing it in to our Florida friends when I kept mentioning that it was in the mid to high 80's everyday while we were in the valley, well all I can say is ” I'm SORRY, Please make the cold weather go away and I promise I'll never do it again”.

NOTE FOR:   Odel & Laurie of  Semi True Tales

I have some good news and some bad.

First the bad news, please see the pictures below.

Cathy and I were really looking forward to a big bowl of Smokey Gumbo, and now the good news, as we drove around the parking lot we found a sign that said : 
Guess we'll try it next time through this area.

Hey!! Florida people, I said I was SORRY.

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Margie and Roger said...

Ha ha ha! Shame on you for rubbing in those days of 80 degrees! What goes around, comes around.