Sunday, January 9, 2011

Downtown Victoria

We were both glad to be away from the constant wind in the Rio Grand Valley, I don't think that it was below 15-20 MPH the whole time we were there, of course no rain and the temperature in the 80's everyday made putting up with the wind a little easier. Here in Victoria we have spent a lot of time out running around and no wind, that is until last night. Around 4:30am a storm hit here that damn near  knocked us out of bed, it lasted about two hours with the rain coming down in sheets and the wind made the Valley's look like an amateur. We were rocking and rolling like we never have before, I mean it was actually jerking my head around on the pillow.  Anybody outside if they would have been able to see through the sheets of rain would have thought that there was a team of Sumo wrestlers inside having an orgy. (Yes Laurie, Cajun style)

Anyhow we did get downtown the other day and saw a few things in the historic district so here are a few pictures.

Six flags of Victoria
France,Spain,Mexico,Republic of Texas, CSA, USA

The Last Stand.
Bldg's reflection off of one
with Mirrored windows

A lot of Germans settled here.

To show the diversity these two buildings are across the street from each other.

I love how they placed the marker about a person named Rose in the middle of a Rose bush.
The original City Cemetery, the windmill was the first one in Victoria.

A beautiful Courthouse that was almost torn down to build the new one.  How could you tear down something this fantastic.

We did part of the driving tour which takes you past more then 60 historic houses, a majority of then built in the 1800's. There were so many and they were so big that I didn't even try to get any pictures of them, we figure next time we're here we'll take the bike and ride around so we can stop and get pictures without blocking the street.  

We did an hour stop at The Museum of the Coastal Bend, a very small museum on the campus.  It had a nice history of La Salle and his adventures in the area and the history of the city.

7 of the 8 canons recovered at La Salle's Fort St Louis
Iron safe with a hidden key
somewhere in the front door

Victoria Advocate was the first paper to publish the
strip with the character Popeye 

And my favorite story, this guy was a great negotiator, would have been a union president today.

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Margie and Roger said...

Thank goodness the old courthouse remains standing - beautiful!