Thursday, January 20, 2011

Good-bye Texas

After two and a half months we finally left Texas and started heading east across the gulf shore. We spent the last week in the Houston area visiting with a few of Cathy's sisters and a cousin. We really enjoyed the warm weather while we were in the RGV area, but for having things to see and do we prefer to stay north of San Antonio.

We did a short drive over to Kinder, LA, Cathy needs a casino fix and they have a huge one here, the Coushatta Casino and RV Resort At Red Shoes Park. We were only going to stay for three nights but when I got to their website they had a coupon, pay for 3 stay 5, how can you turn that down. So it worked out to under $13 a night for a large fully paved pull through site, we're walking distance to the casino or you can grab the shuttle which runs every ten minutes. Other then a few restaurants there is nothing within 20 miles of here.

We made our first venture into the casino today, CASINO 2 – Jim 0 – Cathy 0.

Maybe those two free nights aren't going to be that free after all.

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Margie and Roger said...

$13 a day sounds great...but maybe not when you factor in your casino losses. Oh well, I usually just consider my casino losses as "entertainment" costs.