Saturday, February 20, 2010

T + 48 hours

What a fun week it's been, started off Monday morning sneaking into the dentist to get an abscessed tooth yanked out. This started a week ago when we first got in the area, the dentist wanted to do a root canal but after I explained that we would only be here a week he ruled that out because it would take a month, I said lets pull it and being a dentist he was dead set against that, so we came up with the idea of doing a little periodontal work and putting a hard coating on the tooth and wa-lah no more problems, so we tried that.

As we sat around over the week-end Cathy had here little bowl of M&M's next to here and I had my little bowl of pain killers next to me, don't know if it was just the timing or if their probing around with the tooth but I could feel the infection starting to get into my sinus's. Gave them a call and they called in a script for an antibiotic, take this and in two days no more pain, heard that before. Wednesday I accidentally bite down on the tooth and I received a new experience in pain, I instantly let out a scream, lightning bolts were shooting out of the top of my head and tears were gushing from my eyes, about 30 minutes later when the pain died down I called the dentist again and talked them into pulling the tooth only we can't get you in until tomorrow afternoon.

The first thing he said when he looked at the tooth was “Boy that's really swollen and infected”, da ya think. OK tooth is gone, keep taking the antibiotic's and here's a script for Davocet for the pain, we go fill the script do a little shopping and Cathy runs into Subway to get a sandwich to eat in front of me when we get home, yes she can be that why at times. I take two of the Darvocet and lay back to watch the Olympics, they don't work very fast and don't seem to work very good at knocking out the pain.

Didn't get to much sleep that night and in the morning I took a couple more pills and grab a seat on the couch, 30 minutes later I'm dozing off a little and just listening to the TV,when the visions in my mind turn to a bunch of cartoon type characters with the voices of the TV, weird. Pop my eyes open and everything is normal, close my eye again and the cartoons are back, about then I take a look at the script and decide to count the pills that are left. WOW according to my math I've taken 2 days worth of pills in about 22 hours, that may explain the cartoon characters dancing around in my head. I get the little machine out and blood pressure is good, pulse is normal.

Thank God that I'm a child of the 60's and know how to handle this type of situation, sit back relax and stay awake, about 3 hours later the cartoons were gone the pills were in the trash and everything was back to normal, now since Cathy was busy with her back to me the whole time doing research on the computer, the question is do I tell her or not. I figured I better tell her, cause as soon as she turned around and saw me dressed in Red, White and Blue striped bell bottom jeans, a tie dyed tee-shirt, head band, spiked hair and playing my harmonica she was going to start asking questions.

After a tender butt chewing she asked why I didn't say anything,(you have to understand that the grand kids call her “The Crazy Safety Grandma”, I explained that I knew it would pass and that she would have had 10 rescue vehicles in the park. Also that this entire episode was really her fault, had she checked the calendar this morning she would have seen that it is clearly mark that it was her day to watch me.

Think I got away with that one.

Thaaaaaaaaaaat's all Folks

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Margie and Roger said...

Sounds to me like you are still on drugs! Hope you are feeling better soon. Try not to overdose. Keep an eye on him, Cathy. When I had to take Demerol for an abcessed tooth I ended up seeing green monsters walking around my bed - at least you had cartoon characters.