Sunday, February 7, 2010

Peter Wolf Toth

OK! go find a big red marker.... no-no go find the bigger one, the biggest one you've got, now go to your calendar, the one that's on the front of the refrigerator and put a big red circle around February 5th, no come on now make it bigger. The reason we're having you do this is because this is the day we drove down to Edgewater, Florida and visited with the sculpture Peter Wolf Toth, famous for his series of carvings known as the “Whispering Giants”. These carvings are scattered around all fifty states and many provinces in Canada and even a few in Europe. The sculptures are large Indian heads ranging from 15 to 40+ feet tall, and during the last ten years of our travels we have tried to visit them whenever there was one in our area.

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List of Giants and locations

.................Toth's Bio

A good place to find information on Peter Toth and see pictures of many of the Giants is at this website, CLICK HERE .
Contact Info: Peter Wolf Toth, 102 Arthur Ave/U.S.1, Edgewater, Florida,32141

Back to our story, we pulled up in front of his Home/Galley/Museum/Work shop and parked, and there he was sitting on a log and carving a small Indian face, we introduced ourselves and let him know that we were fans of his work and that we have managed to see about 13 of his carving so far and that we were looking forward to seeing a lot more of them. His yard is completely covered with sculptures which you will see in the pictures later. I had read his book and had a lot of questions for him which he happily answered, we ended up talking with him while he worked on a few different pieces for about an hour and a half. Now during this time Cathy is walking around looking at some of the smaller pieces with that buyers look in her eyes, she finally asked him what the smaller pieces sold for and I wish I had a picture of her face when he told her anywhere from $200 to $600 and that he had sold some for $30,000 +. After about a half hour Cathy kept gravitating back to one little piece, it was an Indian Chief head with war bonnet, it was about 14 inches tall and the wood looked different from the rest. Peter noticed her looking at it and told her it was one of the very few pieces that he had done out of Palm wood and that it was in the $200 range (of course she pointed out to him her relationship to this piece since our name is Palm), as soon as he said that I knew I might as well start reaching for my wallet. After another half hour or so in which Cathy kept looking back at the Palm wood Indian head, he finally shook his head with a little smile and told her she could have it for $100 and then added that if we didn't have the money on us we could go ahead and take it with us and mail him a check.
With Cathy cradling her new possession in her arms we said good bye got in the car and drove off into the the sunset, well it really wasn't a sunset, twenty minutes later it was an all day rain.

So Cathy and I are now the proud new parents of Little Chief POM-POM.

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Margie and Roger said...

Congratulations on getting Chief Pom-Pom. As I started reading your post, I knew that Cathy was going to become the owner of that sculpture - especially after learning it was made of palm wood. I'm adding Edgewater to our Bucket List.