Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chattanooga Freeze

Our week in Chattanooga is up and we really didn't do anything, Chattanooga is one of our favorite city's but the weather was just too dam cold to do much of anything. The day we arrived here it was in the upper 60's and sunny but after that the cold fronts came through. We had to disconnect the water lines each night, the coldest that I noticed on the thermometer this week was 23 degrees. We've already decided that next year when we head north for the birthdays in March we're going to leave the rig in the gulf shores area and do a two day drive north.

Our second favorite restaurant is in this area, when we tried to go to it last year it was closed for remodeling, that's almost always a bad sign, well it was open this year with a new name and owner, we tried it any how since it's up on top of Look Out Mt and there is nothing else in the area. The remodeling took all the character out of the restaurant, the prices doubled and the menu was very limited, it's very yuppie and if you only watch PBS and only eat vegetables then this might be the place for you but don't even think of taking any kids. I predict that it will be out of business with in two years.

On the good side our favorite Used Book Store McKay's moved about two miles down the road and this turned out to be a real good thing, they doubled their floor space and tripled the parking area. They take just about everything in trade, paperbacks, hardcovers with the jacket, Cd's, DVD's, VHS tapes, software and more, they offer you either trade value or cash, we always take the trade value which is about three times more then the cash and then we stock up on our books. We started going there about six years ago and the first time we took in a bunch of books and bought a bunch but ended up still having a credit (which never expires). We have never had to spend a cent out of pocket there, we pickup a lot of books and CD's at thrift stores and such and after we read the books or burn the music to the computer we just stick them under the couch until we get to a McKay's, the y have stores in Chattanooga,Knoxville and Nashville.

Other then that it was pretty much stay inside and watch the Olympics.

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Margie and Roger said...

Get out of TN quick - it's too cold there!! But, then again, it's too cold in Florida right now too!

We've thought of hanging out in Gulf Shores too so we could return to TN for Christmas next year.