Saturday, February 13, 2010

Olympics Opening Ceremony - just a thought

We watched the opening ceremony for the Olympics last night and thought that it was fabulous, the timing and precision of all the special effects were perfect, right up to the lighting of the Olympic Flame when one of the four towers failed to rise.

They called it a technical malfunction but I saw it in a different way. At military funerals they often do a fly over with fighter jets, normally it is a flight formation of four with one jet missing to represent and honor their fallen comrade. Last night one of the four towers failed to appear, I think that it was just the Spirit of the Olympics holding it down to honor their fallen comrade Nodar Kumaritashvile, who died that morning in the Luge crash.

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GrannyPam said...

I am taken by your comment, and think you might have something here. I know we are not in charge of everything, even though the technical, engineering part of my personality tells me I am.