Friday, February 12, 2010

A Snow Day in Georgia

It's not that it's not cold enough for us here in St. Augustine, went down to 29 last night or the fact that we miss wearing long pants, sweaters,hats and coats but instead of packing up and heading south in search of global warming, we're going to be heading north.

The logical reason for us doing this would be that we're just plain STUPID but logic has nothing to do with this move. This move is made because of LOVE, for our grand daughter whose birthday happens to be the first week of March.

Now that I give this some thought I'm pretty sure I can blame it all on my daughter. You see she had enough sense to give birth to our grand son in August, a month when we are always in Michigan enjoying the summer, but then when it came time for the grand daughter's birth she had to have it in early March, she could have been a trooper and held back until at least May or better yet June, but nooooooooo she had to go wimp out and do the normal nine month thing and have the baby in March never giving any thought to her poor parents who would rather be in warm weather during that part of the year.

OK! I'm feeling a little better about this now that I know it's not my fault, we're heading up to Unadiila Georgia. This our home park (Coast to Coast) so were going to burn our free week, giving ourselves time to get accumulated to the colder climate one step at a time.

I've had a tooth that has been bothering me the last few days and last night it kept me up most of the night, so I do a Google search for dentist in the Perry area (about ten miles north and the only larger city around), check out their website, pick one that looks pretty good and give them a call. Tell them the problem and that we're just passing through and she tells me she can get me in a noon, GREAT. They call back 15 minutes later and say they had a cancellation and if I can get their by 10 they'll take me right in, This turned out to be the friendliest most helpful and professional dental office I've ever been to. I fell in love with all the ladies there, all of them pretty, funny, helpful and with their southern bell accents you just can't help yourself.

With this problem taken care off we decided to stop by the grocery and pick up a few think for the week-end, the store was packed people were running around like chickens with their heads cut off loading everything they could grab into their carts. We got our stuff and started driving back to camp when we heard on the radio that all the schools in the district were closed today due to snow, A SNOW DAY, we both looked at each other kind of weird because there was no snow on the ground, about half way home it started to sleet a little but no snow. Everybody in the store was in a panic and were stocking up for the inch of snow they might get this week-end. By the time we got back to camp (2PM) it had started to snow, take a look at the ten second video to see how much snow it takes to close all the schools in central Georgia.

If you don't hear from us for a few day it's because were trying to dig our way out from under all the snow.

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Margie and Roger said...

How unthoughtful of your daughter to deliver in March! Maybe you could convince them to celebrate the day when the weather is warmer. We are considering changing Christmas with our kids to maybe October 1 and then head south - but I don't think they are going to go along with us on that one.

Hope you enjoyed the snow!