Sunday, January 15, 2012

Some Bike Trails in Central Florida

We've had some great weather while we've been in Central Florida and have been able to get out on some of the bike trail, both the Rails to Trails and the County Greenways. The trails around here are fantastic, they are all paved,14 foot wide with parks or rest areas every few miles, plus they give you a wide variety of surroundings. From tree cover areas that make you feel as if you were in the middle of nowhere, to right through the middle of towns with bike and coffee shops on every corner. The people in the area really use these too, we haven't been out on the weekend (Football) but even on the week days you have to keep your eyes open for all the traffic, bike, ped, roller blades, joggers, dog walkers, baby strollers and even horses.

Here's a few pictures of the trails.

One of the rest areas on the Orange Trail
Downtown Oakland Florida right near one of the trail heads.

We even saw real live cows along the trail
right down the middle of main street in winter Garden
Downtown winter Garden

Bike bridge over the turnpike
Killarney Station, bike shop snacks,restrooms and parking
Just a rest area out on the trail with shade and water

They were doing some tree trimming on the trail so they  have a flagman on both end directing traffic, you just can't get away from it.
Rest area where they rent bikes
Museum in downtown Winter garden

 Riding along the Little Econ River, we saw to Gators while riding this trail which goes right through the middle of Orlando.
Crossing over the Little Econ River
Nature Preserve on the trail
Really don't know what this is
Downtown Winter Garden
The paved section is called Rails to Trails, I call the left side Tracks to Trees.  It was neat that they left some of the original tracks along side the trail.

A couple of Happy Bikers


Jim and Sandie said...

Now that looks like the perfect place for bike riders. Keep you out of trouble for a long time. lol

Charles Rinehart said...

Very nice info and photos of the two paved trails in Orlando. I've biked some of the West Orange Trail and also the Little Econ Trail is on my list for 2014. Take care.