Saturday, January 7, 2012

Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Garden

Drove over to Winter Park a spent a few hours at the Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Garden. I had never heard of him before, but for some reason I love Sculpture Gardens and it's part of our garden society membership, so why not.

We started in the museum section of the house where they had a traveling exhibit dealing with Cold War Russian propaganda posters. It was interesting to see how the poster showed Russia as the kind, gentle, loving, giving government and the USA was the mean, brutal, godless country out to destroy everything we could.

From there it was across the courtyard to the other section of the house and a 20 minute film to learn about our host. Then the guide showed us parts of the house and some of his work while answering our questions, after showing us the family chapel we were on our own to tour the Garden.

There are over 200 pieces of his work on the grounds, he did sculpture in stone, plaster, bronze, concrete and wood, plus paintings.

Here are just a few pictures of what we enjoyed.

This is the place

Coming up the driveway to the house

View out the window to the back yard.

One of his first works, carved wood, he did this when he was 15.

I can't remember the entire story behind this one but the original is on display in Nebraska and if you look you will see that she is holding an ear of corn, so she is known as the original Corn Husker.

If you were a close friend of the family and had a baby he wold make a bronze like this as a baby gift for you.  This one was lost for about 70 years before the family realized what it was and donated it to the museum last year.

This was one scary looking guy, I didn't want to take his picture but he made me.

This is a copy of the much larger one in the garden.

The Wanderer

There were so many that I can't remember all the names.
 I tell ya this guy was really scary, and I didn't take this picture.

 The 14 Stations of the Cross in bronze, painting are in the chapel.

The weather is starting to takes it toll on some of his works.

That's it , a great place to spend the afternoon.

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