Sunday, January 22, 2012

Calling all Frank Lloyd Wright Fans

Florida Southern College (Lakeland,Florida) is considered by many to be the most beautiful campus in the nation. Part of the reason is that Florida Southern College contains Frank Lloyd Wright's “Child of the Sun” collection.
Out of the ground, and into the light, A Child of the Sun'...Thus did Frank Lloyd Wright refer to his Architecture at Florida Southern College; The world's largest collection of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in one location”.

They offer guided tours and we got there just after the tour had started so we grabbed one of the walking tour guides and spent a couple of hours checking out the campus. I couldn't believe how many pictures I took when I got home and started going through them, so here are just a few.

At the end of the blog are some links to information about the campus and tours.

For Wright fans this is a must.

Child of the Sun

Walking tour map

Tour information

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Carol said...

You two are really making my bucket list expand this week. WOW!