Friday, January 13, 2012

Fort Christmas

Did a road trip over to Christmas  Florida to tour Fort Christmas.  It's been about 15 years since we were here last and they have added a ton of stuff, the first time we were here the only building was the reconstructed fort.  Today it covers over 25 acres and contains a full size fort about ten other buildings that have been moved here from their original sites and is being developed into a living history museum, along with a large picnic and recreational area.

Each of the buildings is filled with displays and artifacts and today three of them had a docent present to answer any questions.  There is a school house here that started as a one room school then went to two and eventually three rooms and was in use into the 60's, the cool thing is that three of the ladies we talked to attended this school.

This is a very well planned and laid out park, donations are accepted, we spent about an hour and a half seeing the park.

 More information on Fort Christmas.

Here are some pictures of the park:  Click to enlarge.

 This Bronze was made by a man that was raised in one of the buildings in the park, at first we thought that it might be a Remington, but no.

"Scent of Man"

Around the park we found about seven sets of trees like this, A live Oak with a Palm either right next to it or growing out of the root system.

A simple wreath, it is Christmas after all.

and of course, Christmas is CLOSED Christmas.


Apple said...

Wished I'd known you'd be here! I've only been there for the Cracker Christmas craft show. We'll go again sometime later this month. They have a rug weaving display I want to get a closer look at. I also want to explore across the street, at the cemetery.

PalmsRV said...

Apple! Knew you were in Florida, but not exactly where. We could have talked genealogy while Jim was taking pictures. Cathy