Wednesday, December 29, 2010

ATTENTION People near BUSHNELL Florida

Thought that I would throw a heads up to anybody in the area of Bushnell Florida.

On January 1st and 2nd at the Dade Battlefield State Park they are having the Dade Massacre Re-enactment which will celebrate the 175th Anniversary of the massacre.
This is one of the best re-enactments we have been to and is well worth the time if you are in the area. The re-enactment normal takes place around 1pm, but if you get there early you can walk around the Seminole Camp and the Soldiers Camp to see just how they lived in the field back then. Everybody there is happy to pose for pictures or answer any questions you might have.

 They have demonstrations for shooting a black powder gun, firing the cannon, axe throwing, black smithing, cooking and many more things They also have a section set aside for the market and demonstrations of the old time crafts.
I would recommend 3 to 4 hours to take in both camps, the merchant section and the re-enactment. They do serve food there or you can bring a picnic lunch, after all it is a State Park.

Admission is $7 for those 6 and up

Here's is a link to an excellent account of the Massacre.

A few pictures I took of the event in 2002.

Marching Troops
Mounted Officers

War Paint for Battle
Posing with some kids

Cannon Crew


Indian Camp
Army Camp


Cooking Indian style


The Massacre begins
Attempting to build a stockade

Ransom Clark, The lone surviver to tell the tale

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