Thursday, December 16, 2010

Progreso Mexico

Mexico           Maybe 75 to 100 feet wide               USA
Another trip to Progreso Mexico today. A lot of people think that we're crazy to go to Mexico because of everything that they see in the nightly news, the last time we were in the valley I talked with a couple of different Border Patrol Officers about crossing the border, they all said the same thing. Cross at Progreso and have a great time, but don't cross anywhere else unless you're with someone that knows their way around. Today the weather was sunny and in the mid 80's, sorry Florida, so there were a ton of people there, we crossed over , I'm getting to old to use the term Cross Over comfortably, about 10:30am and the streets were already packed. As I've said before we felt perfectly comfortable walking around and dealing with the people as long as you stay in the main section of town, about 4 blocks wide and about 6 blocks deep and there is no reason to go anywhere else, if you can't find what you want here, they don't have it.

If you can picture Jerry Lewis when he would yell out “ Heeey Laaaady” that's what you will hear about every ten seconds as you walk down the street, all we did was say No thanks, already have it or don't need it and they'll smile tell you to have a nice day and move on.

I picked up another 2 pair of sunglasses, I go through them to fast to buy expensive one, Cathy got some more (3) liter bottles of Vanilla for friends up North, a couple of woven beach bags and lunch at the Red Snapper, all for about  $30.00.

We park in the US and walk across the bridge, I don't know where you would park a car if you drove, while were walking back to the US the car traffic was backed up from the American Customs across the bridge and about a block into the town. I would guess that it was going to take them at least 45 minutes to get across. Since we crossed back right at lunch time customs wasn't busy so I had a chance to talk with the Officers for a few minutes, Normally when they are lined up the rule is hand them your passport, answer their questions and nothing else.

Cathy was good and had fish, but since I had the big Mexican Plate I'm ready for a nap, FYI, what they call a Monster Margarita was $4.00, everybody that was drinking one had a big smile on their face, that's all I can say since Cathy doesn't drink and I can't.

Good site about Progreso

Going to try a little bird watching tomorrow at the birding center about a mile away, this morning while I was out having my coffee and stretching my back I spotted two Red-Crowned Parrots in the tree across the street.   

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Pris Weathers said...

I love your blog on your travels and especially to Mexico. I was called "hey ladeeee" so many times I forgot my real name. Keep up the good work!