Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Just thought that I would mention a few things about the park we're at in case anybody heads this way.
This is one of the nicer parks that we have stayed in during our travels, that's not saying that it's our favorite park or the type of park that we prefer, it's very big and soon to be wall to wall people after the 1st,  but as far as how it's run, the amenities, location and rates it would be hard to beat.

Smaller East section sites, a little tight

To start with the management and workers are some of the friendliest we've come across, the park is kept spotless, they have their own street cleaner that comes by after they cut the grass, the laundries each have a separate washer and dryer for PET Laundry, three pools and hot tubs, a monster size club house and rec center, fitness center plus they have separate buildings or areas for the following.
Rock shop, library, craft room, computer club, puzzle room, stained glass making, wood carving, sewing and quilting room and a huge wood shop. Each one of these areas has classes in case you want to give them a try. They have at least five different activities everyday and a couple different trips every week. I think some of the people here only leave to buy groceries.

Our lot in the West Section
There are about 8 miles of paved roads inside the park to walk or bicycle.
Each lot has it's own US Mail Box, with its own address.

There are three different sections with the East being the smaller sites, West the medium size, North the very large sites and the Golf Sub the JUMBOS, something for everybody's budget.

The bigger lots in the North Section

If there was a downside to this park it would be that it's in the Rio Grand Valley. Highway 83 runs east and west through the valley and that's about it, it seems that everything is located right off this hwy which means the traffic is terrible and everything is crowded. For things to see and do in the area we've found that you can cover them in just a few trips. A good thing is that we are only about a ten minute drive from Pregreso Mexico, which is one of the few safe places to cross over and shop.

Really big lots in the Golf Sub Section
Another downside to this area is the constant breeze, now you have to understand that everything is big in Texas so a breeze is anything between 15 and 30 MPH and sometimes a little bit more. The funny thing is that the only time the wind stops is when its 40 degrees, as soon as the temp hit 70 the wind get switched on again, so basically if it's nice enough to be outside you're going to be in the BREEZE.

As far as places to GO , things to SEE, stuff to DO, we would rather be in Florida or Gulf Shores.
After watching the news this morning and seeing that it was 21 in Tampa last night and we're going to be pushing record highs this week, (Sorry Margie) it's starting to look a little better over here.



Carol said...

Don't forget to take in the Iwo Jima monument in Harlingen, if you have not done so. Also, if you are there long enough do NOT pass up the opportunity to see the Livestock show, Borderfest, or the kids of LaJoya school district performing their annual Mariachi and Folklorico dancing.

There is a museum in Edinburg that was fab too. And, just wait till March when the citrus trees start to bloom, the scent is wonderful beyond wonderful. Oh, and there is an aloe farm tour, what fun that was. I wrote about some of this on Beyond Reflections From the Fence.

Be thankful for the breeze, it keeps the bugs away. Llano Grande has grown and changed since we were there, we really enjoyed our time there, cept we did not have bikes, you really need bikes there!


Margie and Roger said...

OK, so it was 26 degrees when I got up this morning but....it will be almost 70 later today and almost 80 on the weekend. So long as the sun shines and the skies are blue, I'm a happy camper. Sounds like a really, really nice park where you are located.

PalmsRV said...

The park is located right in the middle between Pharr and Harligen and south of Hwy 83. If we go due south from the park we're about 4 miles from the border. I'm told latitude wise we are even with Miami.