Monday, November 8, 2010


Today we drove about 30 miles north to the city of Cheyenne OK to visit the Washita Battlefield National Historic Site, there is a new visitors center that shows a 30 minute file explaining the battle and a small museum with a few artifacts. 

The battle took place just before dawn on November 27th 1868, Lt Col George Armstrong Custer attacked the village of Chief Black Kettle. The story if totally different depending on whose side you're listening to, it was either a great victory or a massacre of woman and children. The video does a great job of showing both sides and you get to make up your own mind.

After leaving the center it's about a half mile drive to the actual battle area, we did the 1 ½ mile trail that takes you right down to the Washita River were the Cheyenne were camped and battle took place. There isn't a lot to see down there and the river is much smaller then I would have thought.

This stone is at the trail head, notice how the Custer has been chipped away, this is Cheyenne territory.

The Washita River right by the battle site.

The sign explains about  Prayer Cloths,  we found this on the trail down by the battle site.

All we saw on the drive to and from the battle field was open land and a zillion of the large electric generating wind mills spinning in the non-stop wind.

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