Monday, November 1, 2010

I Forgot Halloween!

Once again I seem to have forgotten about another holiday, Halloween,  we were traveling yesterday and after setting up camp ( 55+ park and no kids) I just seemed to forget all about it until this morning when I started reading everybody's blogs.

Halloween always brings back one strong memory for me, 1954 ,I was 4, there were five boys in the family, me being the baby and that year the four youngest all had Polio and were bedridden for almost a year.

That wasn't to bad, we had a nurse visit twice a week, a teacher 3 times a week and our neighbor that owned the local drug store stopped by once a week with all the latest comic books for us, but that one night, Halloween was a killer.  No costumes, no running around the neighborhood with our friend playing tricks and worst of all NO CANDY.

It was a warm night and we were able to have the front bedroom window open so we could hang our heads out and yell down to all our friends as our folks gave away all the candy, about 9:30 things quieted down and we all crawled back into bed.  30 minutes later we heard someone ring the bell and the folks opening the front door, we figured it was some later trick &  treaters until we heard what sounded like a herd of buffalo storming up the stairs and bursting into our bedroom.  It turned out that a group of the neighborhood kids had each carried an extra bag with them this night, with each of our names written on one of the bags, bags that were filled to the top with CANDY.  All the neighbors knew of our condition and threw a piece of candy in the extra bags for us, other then getting to dress up in costume it turned out to be a great Halloween.

Sometimes the good old days really were pretty good.


Carol said...

I love this post! So glad you wrote it, it will be saved for your family!


Margie and Roger said...

What an interesting story. What a good deed by the neighborhood kids.