Friday, November 5, 2010

A Garden and a Zoo

We waited until it warmed up in the afternoon then headed over to the Will Rogers Garden. The park and gardens covers 32 acres and is run by the city. There were just a few flowers in bloom but the rose garden still had a pretty good variety. It's a very nicely landscaped park with most of the work having been done by the WPA and it still looks good.

Today we spent a couple of hours walking around the OKC Zoo, they're doing some construction along the one side and in the back which is partial closed off . Of course this is the way we started so at first we weren't very impressed with what we saw but then we got to the inside part of the zoo and were very impressed with what we saw. We walked the area called the Oklahoma Trail and it was set up great, a nice easy walk with really fantastic displays, most of the animals were very active today which made it even better. Since the high today barely made into the mid 60's we almost had the entire place to ourselves. If you like zoo's and are ever in the OKC area be sure to visit this one.

Video of the Screaming Eagles

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