Friday, November 19, 2010

Ranch Heritage Center

We planned on spending today at Mackenzie Park, we started at the Prairie Dog Town, this was started in 1935 with two prairie dogs and is one of the top five visited attraction in Lubbock. There wasn't a ton of activity while we were there but a few of them were out watching us to see what we were up to. The funny thing was that some of them burrow under the fence to the neighboring driving range, which would make that into a large version of wack a mole.

 A few other things in the park didn't pan out so we decided to drive by the Ranch Heritage Center, when we first pulled into the parking lot it didn't look like there was to much there, but I had read that they had over 30 restored building so in we went. This is run by Texas Tech University and is located on north boundary of the campus, everybody here was extremely friendly and helpful , they told us to plan on an hour and a half and that is just what it took us to walk through. They have well over 35 structures spread out over the 16 acres, each is related to ranching and has been brought here from different areas of Texas and New Mexico. Each building has a sign giving its history, showing where it came from and a picture of what it looked like before being moved and restored. I took a ton of pictures so here are a few. 

Notice the chimney made out of logs.

This stone house was built after Indians raid their wood house and burnt it to the ground. This one was all stone without any windows just the gun ports in all four walls.  The starcase and door on the side were added later.

They started getting a little bigger and fancier as we went along.

 A range bunkhouse for the Boss and the Cowboys.


Where the BIG BOSS lived.

This is part of a range fence (barbed wire) that stretched 80 miles across New Mexico.

A normal style wind mill.

And a weird Wind mill.

A water wagon

A herd of Texas Long Horns on the front lawn.  There are about 15 of these.

Almost forgot my favorite, a Cow Chip Shed, this is where kids would go out and gather dried cow chips and store them in the shed so they could burn them in the winter

and of course a bucket of cow chips

There were a lot of Jack Rabbits here and they are huge, about the size of a small dog, and they don't jump or hop they run like a cat, weird.

This just a very small sample of what they had there.

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