Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Lot of Catching Up

After a summer in Michigan we're ready to get back on the move. We got a late start,Sept 3rd, since we were busy attending volleyball and football games. We would have liked to stay for the full seasons but it was just getting to cold. We spent the first couple of weeks hitting some of our old haunts and doing a few of our favorite things, a week in Crossville,TN , a few days in Chattanooga and Huntsville,ALA.

We spent one nice sunny day walking around the Huntsville Botanical Garden, the flowers were beautiful and the gardens was decorated for Halloween, a few pictures below.
flower Pot House

Then we planned on about an hour visit to the Huntsville Veterans Museum, well we planned an hour because it was on the small side but we ended up spending close to 3 ½ hours there. My main reason for wanting to go there was that I noticed on their web page that they had on display the very first Ford prototype Jeep, serial number 00001. This was the handmade model that they sent to the army to test, there were a few made but this is the only one remaining, for some reason they were able to buy it from the Henry Ford Museum. This would have never happened if Henry the 1st was still around. But as it turned out the highlight was that we met a man who worked with Von Braun, right from the start right up to the moon missions AND BEYOND. We spent more then an hour talking with him and hearing his stories about the different behind the scene things that happened in the space program.

Bob cat
And then down to Montgomery, ALA for a week. Our first stop was at the Montgomery Zoo, we were probably 2 of 100 people there today so it was like having it all to our self's. They have made a few changes, so good, so not so good, they have put in a Sky way, which is a ski lift that gives you a ride across the park for a birds eye view, but to put that in they had to change the Australian exhibit which ruined the exhibit.

Slave Quarters (pretty fancy)
Brick Foundation from Original
Civil War Prison
One day we drove over to Cahawba which was the first capitol of Alabama, all the remains are some ruins and foundations, it's now a state park and they are working on buying back the property and restoring some of the buildings. We took the bike and spent about an hour and a half riding around the park to the various sites and then an hour in the visitors center talking about the history of the town with the ranger.

Just a little ways down the road
Another day was spent at the Lowndes County Interpretive Center, which is a National Park site. It covers the history of the Selma to Montgomery March in March of 1965. This made me start thinking about how little I knew about this back in 1965 when I was a teenager, back then the local TV stations only devoted 30 minutes in the evening to national news. If this happen today with all the cable news networks it would be 24/7 with worldwide coverage. If you're in the area this is an interesting 1-2 hour stop.

A week in the Foley ALA area riding a bunch of bike trails and enjoying the weather. Then across the panhandle and south to Wildwood where we are now. Monday we move over to the Orlando area for a month and hopefully will get back in the Blogging habit again.

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Jim and Sandie said...

So good to catch up with you guys again. How exciting to be able to talk with the guy who worked with Von Braun. Love thatFlower Pot House.