Friday, November 30, 2012

Orlando area

We've been in the Orlando area for almost two weeks now and haven't done a whole lot other then biking around.  We're right near the West Orange Bicycle Trail so we've been getting in 10-18 miles a day, The trail takes you right through Winter Garden so we've spent quite a bit of time around there, they seem to have something going every weekend.

Today it was tobogganing, yes with real snow, they closed of one of the downtown streets and made a ramp then covered it with a big snow making machine.
Not the biggest in the world but the kids loved it.  It was in the mid 70's today.

In the middle of the bike trail they put up the Christmas tree, during the rest of the year there is a beautiful fountain located here.

The other end of the trail in downtown.

And out on the bike trail right near a high school Cathy spotted this.
About ten feet above the path.

While driving around Orlando we managed to find my Grandparents house, they moved down here in the 40's.

This is of my 4 brothers, taken a few years before I was born.  Not a lot of difference in the house
And then we stumbled on this, except we didn't find any Palm's buried here.

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Margie and Roger said...

That's kind of strange - a Palm cemetery but no Palm's. I'm wondering what kind of car your grandparent's had that was in the photo. Sounds like you are enjoying Florida. Glad it is warming up.