Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Just a collection of stuff to get caught up!

To start with, I crawled out from under the rock and joined the modern times, I finally realized that I had about 30 E-books downloaded on the laptop so when I saw that Wally World had the Kindle with a $30.00 gift card I figured I would take the jump and I'm glad I did.  It's much nicer to read then the little I-Touch or balancing the laptop on your knees, after playing with it for a few days I must have been feeling pretty good because then I took another long running leap.  This time I landed on a Samsung Android smart phone, a big leap for me but after playing with this thing for a few days I'm kicking myself for not getting one a long time ago.  As everybody else in the world already knows these things are fantastic, I've already downloaded all 300,000 apps and have been busy trying to learn what they do.

Last week we were in Knoxville and spent a few hours at the University's Garden, well 90% of the time was spent in the Rose Garden, our favorite place.  Here's a few pictures of the place, click to enlarge.

Herb Garden

Waiting for gas to come back to $2 a gallon
Rose Garden

A Maize & Blue god on the campus
the University of Tennessee

And as a closing note, It was 40 years ago today that I raised my right hand and swore to protect and defend the good citizens of the great City of Detroit, amazing what dumb things we do when we're young.


Joel said...

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Jim and Sandie said...

I have a Nook and I love it. Makes reading books so much easier. Those roses are beautiful. And thank you for being young and dumb.

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