Saturday, December 10, 2011

Spring to Spring Bike Trail

The rain never showed up today so we loaded up and drove over to the Spring to Spring Bike Trail. There are three parking areas for the trail, we choose the one in the middle, it seemed to be the biggest and easiest to get to, it's located on Hwy 4162 just east of Hwy 17 (GPS 28.86627N / 081.31574W).

We started out heading south first to Lake Monroe Park, this was roughly 3 miles and all of it was through the woods or along side ponds, none of it was near any roads. Lake Monroe park has a boat ramp, fishing pier and 44 WE campsites with a dump station. After that we headed back north past the parking lot with the car so Cathy could see that we weren't lost today as we were yesterday. The other part of the trail runs along a road but it's 50 feet back behind all the Palm's and you can't see the road until you have to cross it to head up to DeBary Hall. We met another couple there and after 30 minutes of conversation about other bike route in the area, they have a web page ( Bike Florida), dedicated to Florida Bike Paths, we headed back to the car. About half a mile from the parking area is Gemini Springs Park, a spur of the bike path runs back through the park. After a short walk around the springs the smell of steaks being griledl made us race back to the car and head home for dinner.
Not as long a ride as yesterday but a very pleasant 11 miles.

Gemini springs Park

A 911 Memorial for a local boy who went to New York, joined the NYFD and died in the collapse of the towers.

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