Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blue Springs

Today we biked the Blue Springs section of the Spring to Spring trail, from the trail head it was about 3 miles down to Blue Spring State Park. They normally charge $2 entrance fee for cyclist, but the Ranger was a little confused when we pulled up on the tandem, one bike two people, after a little thought he said $2 and sent us on our way. We rode down and took a walk on the boardwalk back to the spring, the sign said that there were 86 Manatee in the park today which was pretty good since there were only about 50 people. We were there for about an hour and spotted about a dozen Manatee before we hit the trail again and headed back to the trail head. Ended up riding about 12 miles. Volusia County has a fantastic bike trail system and you could probably find a different trail to ride everyday.

 Train passing over the bike path tunnel.

River along the boardwalk

Very weird tree.

In just a matter of minutes we were able to train this Manatee to roll over. Manatee Whisperers

Manatee of a different color.

We almost got a ticket because Cathy cabled the bike up in a handicapped zone.

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Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Loved the rolling Manatee picture!