Monday, December 5, 2011

A Little bit of THIS and a whole lotta THAT

Just some stuff we found this week messing around.

Cumberland Island National Seashore Museum.

This large block of oak was found at the bottom of a well, they were placed there so when the bucket was lowered into the well it sat on the block of wood and didn't stir up any sand or sediment.

This is what's left of a statute that was at the Carnegie mansion on the island, the picture is what it looked like when it was in the garden.

 This display of uniforms is to let you know about their part in the war of 1812, we always heard that the last battle was the Battle of New Orleans, fought after the treaty was signed.  well even after that the British attacked the Battery Point Peter at the mouth of the St Mary's River.  Since they out numbered the garrison 1500 to 80 it wasn't much of a battle, but it was the last fighting of the War of 1812.

St Mary's River Front

 The Nation Park ferry that takes you to the Island, you need to make reservations during the busy season.  If you're lucky you'll have to stop and wait in the river while a Trident Submarine enters the port.  Really something to see,they're escorted by gun boats, helo's and have a SEAL team on deck.

Show how windy it was this day and I like this picture.

Fountain in Riverside Park.

National Park Headquarters, nice pace to work.

Map of Cumberland Island.  If you go to the island take a backpack with plenty of water and food, get the early ferry and plan on spending the day.  But don't miss the last ferry or they leave you there for the night and you're on your own.

The tide is out so these are stuck in the mud.

a semi tall ship at the end of the harbor but you can't get out to it.


Click to enlarge and read.

Just down the road and across the street from the main gate to the submarine base.

Part of the Sugar works ruins.

more ruins

and even more, this was a very large operation.

Close up of the Tabby wall, a mixture of sand ,lime and sea shells, the walls are about 18 inches thick.

This trees old enough and looks like it might have been an Indian trail marker tree.


We parked at the Satillia Riverfront Park and took the boardwalk, about 1/2 mile over to the Bird Sanctuary.

The board walk takes you under the Hwy 17 bridge and connects with part of the Georgia Coast Rails to Trails bike path.

Walking along the path and spotted this grave, it had a stone but we we're wondering why it was here all by it self.
and then we found out the rest of the story.
Click to enlarge and find out for yourself.

Here's a picture of Cathy and I, might use it for our Christmas card since it's a reflection in a Christmas bulb.

Continuing down the bike path.

Ended up in a little city park, already for the Holidays.

More ruins, the ruins of Woodbine Theater, not as old as the Sugar Works.

Under the Hwy 17 bridge on the boardwalk.


So it's OK to Treaspass before the sun goes down.

The building was collapsed but what a great sign.

At least they're honest about it.

And that's it for St Mary's.

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