Saturday, December 19, 2009

Disney Birthday

Today was birthday day at Disney, for Florida residents if you sign up on line you get free admission to the park of your choice on your birthday.
It's my birthday so we went to Epcot with the kids, it was cold and windy today but at least the sun was out most of the time. We spent the better part of the day doing the touristy type things then we went back to their motel with the grand kids so that the folks could do an adult dinner by themselves.

Nick and I went out for pizza, now I know things are a little more expensive in and around Disney but look at this bill and tell me it's not a little bit ridiculous.

Back to the motel to grab the kids, jump on the bus for the Magic Kingdom to hook the kids back up with the folks and to say good night cause Cathy and I are beat and are calling it a day.

Cathy and I sat out a few of the rides and just sat on a bench doing some people watching while waiting for the kids and after watching thousands of people we made this discovery. The only difference between Disney and Walmart is the prices,

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