Friday, December 18, 2009

Busy at Disney & Relaxing at the Discovery Gardens

A slow relaxing day today to make up for the run around busy, busy day yesterday.
The kids got into Disney at 8:30 in the morning after driving 18 hours straight through and surprise their room was ready and they could move right in. We let them get a couple hour nap before we started banging on their door.
We killed a few hours walking around Downtown Disney spending money and watched a small stage show, a young married couple that did Yo-Yo tricks, they were really great and had everybody on the floor laughing. He was the 2008 Duncan Yo-Yo world champ, .

So today we decided to go walk through one of our favorite little gardens, The Discovery Gardens, it's a little hard to find but worth the effort, it's located at the Lake County Agriculture Center at 1951 Woodlea Rd, Tavares. It covers about 3 acres and has something like 20 themed gardens containing more then 700 different plants, things are constantly changing here since it's part of a teaching garden. So we just wandered around talking with the some of the gardeners and taking pictures of the gardens.

So come on, lets take a little walk through the gardens. (as always Click to enlarge)

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