Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our drive across Alabama

We left the Gulf Shores area and did a little drive up to Montgomery. We had planned on visiting the Confederate White House, but just like the last time we were here they are still working on the restoration, it's suppose to be open around the end of March. So the only thing we managed to accomplish was to find just about the best restaurant in Montgomery. Martin's Family Restaurant, it's located at Carter Hill Rd and Narrow Lane Rd, at the east end of a little strip mall on the south side of the street. They offer a meat and three, with about 4 different meats and 8 to 10 veggies, they start you out with a basket of the best corn bread biscuits that we've ever had and then they give you three times as much food as you can eat. Everybody told us to save room for pie but that would have been impossible, even for us. What I noticed was everybody ate about ½ their lunch, then a little bit of their dessert and the rest went home with them for dinner. We had the fried chicken and none of it made it out the door as a matter of fact we had a hard time making it out the door after all that food.

Next stop Scottsboro, home of the Unclaimed Baggage Store, you can get anything from ear buds for your Ipod to a 42 inches flat screen TV, Scottsboro is also famous for their tomato pie, but we had a big lunch when we got into camp so we past on it this time.

The drive up here was interesting, just as we got into Birmingham a monster thunder storm moved in with some really strong winds, we were on I-59 and and the traffic that was moving and not sitting on the should was only doing about 25 M.P.H. We were lucky and it cleared up right before we started crossing the mountain ridge on the back roads, by the time we pulled into Parnell Creek Campground the sun was out but the temperature had dropped about 20 degrees.

When we woke up Sunday to get ready for our drive to Chattanooga we looked out the window and there was an inch and a half of SNOW on the car and motor home, the last time there was this much snow on the motor home was our second day of full timing when we had to over night in Kentucky and that was 1997.

Now we have one day to get everything ready to leave the rig and drive the car up to Michigan for Rachel's big double digit birthday, that's 10 for you public school educated kids. Well be there for 8 to 10 days then hopefully when we get back down here it will have warmed up some, it's going down to 20 tonight.

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