Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gulf Shores Alabama

"four and a half acres of sovereign U.S. territory, anytime, anywhere"

One week in the Gulf Shores area and we did very little, we had some nice sunny days but they were on the chilly side. We did take a day to drive over to Pensacola to pick up our mail and to go to the Pensacola Naval Air Museum. We've been to the museum three other times and always enjoyed it, but this time they made some changes to it, it seems like they had about three times as many planes on display and it just made everything to crowded as you can see from the pictures. It was hard to just pick out one plane and see it without having having it blend in with others. It's still a great museum just not as good as it was.

On the way home we took the road along the coast to see how much building they have done it the last two years, and it was a lot. We decided to make a quick stop at the outlet mall (not) and see what bargains we could find. Went in the Crocs store and really didn't see anything that looked that cheap until Cathy asked the clerk if they had any specials. See pointed out two big racks of Crocs and said that the sandal type were $4.95 and the regular Crocs were $9.95, plus some up front were $1.99. Very limited in size and color but we ended up with seven pair (for us and the kids) for less then $50.00, Cathy was very happy.

Now that's what I call,
"A pile of CROC(s)"

Slowly heading north so our next stop will be Montgomery Alabama for a few days.

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