Monday, March 16, 2009

Detour to Michigan

Well we made it to Michigan and back, I would say that we made it through the cold weather up there but it was 14 degrees when we left Chattanooga and it was 38 degrees when we got to Michigan.

Our grand daughter Rachel had her 10th birthday party and it was a big success, she got everything that a ten year old girl needs, tons of American Girl stuff and a new PINK Schwinn Mountain Bike. The day we got the new bike the temperature had dropped back down into the teens and she was a little peeved at us because we wouldn't go bike riding with her.

Our prize was that we had ordered 9 boxes of Girl Scout cookies and they were waiting for us in a box in the hall except by the time we got to them there were a few boxes missing. Rach sold the most in her troop and gets some kind of prize for that, I think maybe the fact that her dad took the order forms with him to his Jennie Craig meeting might have helped put her over the top.

Rachel woke up early on her birthday around 4:00am, not because of excitement but to heave her guts out. So she got to spend the next three days home on the couch with grandma & grandpa, don't know how sick she really was the second two days but she did get to spend them with us.

The ten days seemed to fly by and we were on our way back to Chattanooga, wasn't a bad drive until we got south of Lexington, then we hit some snow flurries which turned to rain, and it didn't stop all the way to Chattanooga and then it still didn't stop, not for three days. It's going to be sunny and warmer for the rest of the week now so hopefully we'll get out and do something to avoid going stir crazy.

We spotted a new restaurant today, at least for us, Five Guys Burgers and Fries, and decided to give it a try. Wow, this was one of the best burgers we can remember having and the fries were the best, absolutely the best. If you spot one give it a try, we're hoping to spot another one later this week.

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