Friday, January 25, 2008

Jacksonville Day one

We started out the day by driving down Main Street from the north end to the St John Riverfront Park, where we walked around the park for about an hour and toured the Jacksonville Maritime Museum. Just a little place but it covers the history of the waterfront and shipping on the St John River.

After a little walk around the waterfront we headed over to Fort Caroline, this fort was established by the French in 1564 and lasted a year before being attacked and destroyed by the Spanish. It's not a very big fort but did have some nice views of the river and salt swamp.

On the way home we stopped by Fort George Island and walked around the Kingsley Plantation, this is out in the middle of nowhere. There is a very small plantation house, unlike the larger ones in Georgia that was built around 1814 when this was still Spanish Territory. The house is in pretty good shape and the are 34 ruins of slave cabins on the grounds.

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