Tuesday, March 4, 2008

More Chattanooga Stuff

We left Chattanooga this morning after a month’s stay, other then going to Michigan to visit with the kids, and shovel snow; we really didn’t do too much due to the very cold weather this year. Last year at this time we were running around in shorts and this year we were fighting over the extra blanket.

During our last week here we drove over to the library book sale at the mall and stumbled onto the Medal of Honor Museum. They were just recently forced to move from there other location which was about 5 times bigger the store front that they are in now, but even with this little space they managed to put quite a lot on display.

My favorite was a display of envelopes that a father did some art work to before sending them to his son over seas there were about 50 of them but this is a picture of my favorite one.

Cathy figured out that we were only an hour drive away from Winchester Tenn. So we drove over there for a day so she could do some research. On the way home we decided to take all back roads and as we normally do, we found some things.

Say hi to Sir John Templeton, of the Franklin Templeton Funds, he was born here in Winchester, which is in the county of Franklin, hence the name. He built a private library to house all his papers and it sits on the top of a small mountain over looking the valley and Winchester.

Just outside of Tracy City we found a park where they were hundreds of civil war era coke ovens, as you drove down the road the side of the road was nothing but coke ovens, they were everywhere. The close up picture of the inside of one show how hot these things got, the bricks are glazed over from the heat.

About another ten miles down the road there was a sign for Foster Falls, can’t pass that up, half a mile into the woods we parked the car and followed a nice trail about another 200 yards and found a very pretty falls, we stood on the observation platform in the snow to view it, and here I thought that we left all that white stuff in Michigan.

We broke camp in the rain, then drove all day through the mountains on little two lane roads in the pouring rain to our new location just outside of Cleveland, Cleveland GA that is. We set up camp in the pouring rain and then as soon as we got inside to have lunch the rains stopped and the sun came out. WE went into town for a little shopping and when we got back we found out that we had missed the first televised game of our beloved Tigers, that will never happen again. I hope.

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