Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jacksonville Day 2

T o day wes was goin tO jackysville gain an desided ta stap at da palce , I thunk its kalled it is wear threy…..mure abut ths a litle lader.

Next Morning.

OK where was I when I left off, oh yeah, yesterday we drove down to Jacksonville a took the tour at the Budweiser Brewery, this place is huge and all they do is brew beer, and give it away free when you go on the tour. They start you out with a short film giving you a bit of the history of the company. From there you go down a long hallway, one side is all windows so that you can watch them brewing and bottling the beer and the other side is a wall with a pictorial history of the company.

The building is five stories tall and each floor is a separate brewery, the one we were at had a sign saying that it bottled 1200 bottles of beer each minute. That’s a lot of beer, all of the beer from this brewery is for Florida and Puerto Rico and that’s all. At the end of the tour they leave you in the courtesy room where you may sample their ware, they have a bar with about 15 different beers that they brew and you may sample them, for the non-drinker they also serve soda, stop by the gift shop, pick up a souvenir keys chain and you’re on your way. It was about an hour but a very interesting hour.

A history of the pop-top Can

This is where the Beechwood aging is done. THe best count I got was that there are 68 of these vats here.

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