Tuesday, March 8, 2011

S*#@ I found on the internet

Here are a few things that I have found on the internet that are pretty useful, take a look and you might find something you can use.       
There are a couple of programs here, one is HD Daily Journal.
As you can tell from the title it is a daily journal, each entry lets you display four pictures, it has search options and you can download it free and try a full version for 15 days. The cost to buy is 9.95.

Another one on this site is just for Rver's, RV Companion.
This one does so much that I copied the features from the web page.
Browse or use the Advanced Search for over 13,000 camps in the U.S. and Canada.
View extensive details for each camp, including GPS coordinates.
Send email with pictures to family and friends.
Keep maintenance records.
Keep track of what's in your basement compartments.
Fill the Address Book with your family and friends.
Keep a daily journal of your travels with pictures.
Easily keep track of daily expenses during a trip.
Store your favorite photos of each camp and it's local events.
Store unlimited trip photos.
Keep notes for each camp you visit.
Easily access all features by just clicking on a sign board.
Use the handy digital alarm or the calendar, and help is just a click away.
Manually or automatically check for program updates.
Get a map, print directions, weather, TV listings for any camp with one click.
Browse the Web with the built-in web browser.
Write a letter home with the Letter Writer
The Game Center includes 6 games to keep the kids occupied.
Free upgrades for life.

This one also gives you a free 15 day trial and cost $29.95

One of the really helpful items in this program is the basement compartment inventory.
You can enter up to ten basement compartments and list what is in each one, then when you are looking for that small item you can just do a search and it will tell you right where it is. This alone is a great time saver and worth the price of admission.

They are both easy downloads and free to try for 15 days, so give them a look.

GPS PROGRAMS   http://turboccc.wikispaces.com/Downloads

Scroll down to Extra POI Editor, this program has a little bit of a learning curve to it but once you get it down you will use it all the time. It allows you to make your own POI files and load them to your Garmin.
I keep this program open when I'm researching a new area that we are going to, and when I find something of interest, site, museum, restaurant, or what ever I place all the info in this program and make a file for that area. Then when we get to that area I use the program below to add it to my custom files on the GPS and were ready to go.
You will need to play with this program for a few hours to get use to it, but after you learn it, it's a breeze.
and get POIloader, this program transfers any or all of your POI files from your computer to your garmin. This one is much quicker to learn.

To find POI files to down load free go to http://www.poi-factory.com/
a little warning on this, the POI files are made up by members and are not always accurate for location, on more then one occasion we have gone on a wild goose chase and been 3 to 5 miles from where we should have been trying to locate a store, but most have been right on.
We use Microsoft's Streets and Trips and these files can be loaded onto the map so you can see where everything is.

DISCLAIMER TIME: I have no association with any of these company's, I just use these programs and thought that you might find them useful.


Jim and Sandie said...

I just got the Streets and Maps software and I really need to learn how to load the POIs. It could take me a month or so to figure it out - is it hard to do?

Margie and Roger said...

Those look like some interesting websites to check out. I'm like Sandie, I've never downloaded POI's and guess it is about time I do that. I've been using Streets and Trips for years - lucky Sandie won hers, but I'm going to have to buy my own update.