Sunday, March 20, 2011

Knoxville Zoo, again

We decided to make a quick stop at the Knoxville Zoo today since it's free with our membership, or at least we thought it was going to be quick. All of the main roads leading into the zoo were closed due to flooding so after 20 minutes of driving around and a phone call we managed to find a small side street that got us to the parking lot. The place was packed today, we had to park about quarter of a mile from the entrance. Fortunately the two exhibits that we wanted to see were pretty close to the entrance so we got to those real quick then just spent about an hour wandering around enjoying the weather and watching the faces on all the little kids.
Just like last year they are still in the middle of re-doing the zoo, so a lot of exhibits are still under construction and the animals are off exhibit, hopefully they will get going and get all this work done in the near future.

This was the main guy we came to see, the Red Panda, Knoxville Zoo is one of the leaders in breeding this little fellow.  This guy was walking around and climbing on things non stop for the 30 minutes that we watch him, I could have stayed there for a lot longer.
This other guy never moved from his deep sleep.

And this one was bonus for us, a white or albino Alligator, in all the zoo's we have visited we have never seen one of this before.  This one comes from a nest that normally produces 2 to 4 whites a year,  because of their color they very rarely make it through their first year.

March Madness, time to watch Michigan upset Duke


Jim and Sandie said...

The red pandas are sooo cute. I would love to see them. Alligators, white or any other color - not so much.

Margie and Roger said...

The red pandas are really cute - never even knew they existed. That white alligator is amazing. Could I have your mailing address just in case one of my day/night shades break??? Have never had one break in 7 years of motorhoming.