Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Montgomery Zoo

Another beautiful day so we decided to take a nice long walk around the Montgomery Zoo. The first time we were here was about three years ago and we got here a little later in the afternoon but we still enjoyed it very much. Today we're there right about the time the doors opened, we had the place to ourselves.

All the animals were very active this morning, I think they were all waiting to be feed. They have a baby elephant, about three years old and we were watching it play with her mother and feeding on some hay. They were right by the pond and a turtle was sunning himself right on the bank of the pond about two feet away from the baby. All of a sudden the baby elephant swung her truck down and smacked the turtle into the pond, it was just like flicking a jelly bean off of a table with your finger, wanna know how many times a turtle will skip across a pond before sinking. It looked like three.

Then a Zebra and an Antelope started playing with each other, kind of bumping into each other and trying to push the other one around, then they got head to head and were trying to head butt each other. You could tell that they were just playing and not trying to hurt the any one, then they both took off chasing each other across the field and out of sight. We walked down to where the other zebra's were and were watching them when they decided it was time to exercise and took off like a zebra out of the jungle, they were like a herd of wild horse running around and scaring all the other animals in the compound.

We spent about 2 hours wandering around watching the animals and enjoying the weather, what really make this great is the Montgomery Zoo is part of our Zoo Membership so it was a freebee.

Here's a few pictures.

Just Playing around

Baby Buffalo , 2 years old

Eagle eye

Baby elephant, 3 tears old

Green eyed thing

Getting ready to head butt

Just a good lookin face

Heading for Chattanooga tomorrow.

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Margie and Roger said...

More great photos! Love the last one.