Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back to downtown Montgomery.

We started at the Visitor's center where you can catch the trolley which will take you to any of the attractions in the downtown area. The driver took us on a winding tour of downtown pointing out the must sees, the better places to eat and giving us a history of Montgomery. It turns out that his mother and Rosa Parks were cousins and when he was a boy and Rosa Parks came back to visit from Detroit she would stay at their house, but he wasn't allowed to tell anybody that she was there so they could have a nice private visit. Also his father was a good friend of Dr King and they would meet for lunch once a week, during our twenty minute drive he kept us entertained with many stories of old Montgomery.

Our first stop was at the First White House of the Confederacy, it appears very small since it's right across the street from the State Capitol but back in its day it had to be magnificent. Admission is free, they give you a small booklet that describes everything in the house, so you just go on a self guided tour. Since this White house only served one president, everything is related to Jeff Davis and his family, everything in the house is original to the house and family.

After this we walked across the street to the State Capitol on Goat Hill, this is another self guided tour, no security, no metal detector just a nice lady that gives you a map of the building and tells you what to be sure and see. This was built to be the Capitol of the CSA, but since that didn't work out the way they planned it became the State capitol.

98 Feet straight up to the inside of the capitol dome.

After seeing the inside of the capitol building we walked around the grounds, there is at least ten statues of famous Alabamians, this was my favorite part of the statues, notice his right shoe.

There also some historic trees spread around the grounds.

We were only about a half mile from the visitors center so rather then waiting for the trolly we decided to walk and see some of the things that the driver had pointed out to us. First stop was for lunch at Chris's Hot Dogs, the oldest restaurant in Montgomery open it doors in 1917 and has had pretty much the same menu since they put this one up.

After a couple of world famous dogs we just wandered around, walking around downtown Montgomery is like taking a trip back through history.

Dexter Ave, Dr. Kings Church

Rosa Parks Park, downtown on the city square.

Addition to the Law Library, they left the original intact and are building the addition around and over top of the old one.

What do you do with old silo's on the riverfront, convert them into a neighborhood police station.

Part of the Boardwalk along the Alabama River.

History where ever you look.

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