Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Staying busy in the cold

Just trying to find something to do while we're holed up inside during this global warming ICE age that we're experiencing here in southern Florida, so I dug out some old disk and decided to sort some photos. One had a bunch of photos of when I was with the Detroit Police Department, twenty-five years of Heaven and Hell . I joined up in 1972 a few years after the riots, about the time that the city started losing all its population and started it's slide to where it is today. Had a lot of great times during those years, met my wife Cathy through the department, and the bad times where I buried more fellow officers then I care to remember.
Like the TV show Naked City used to say “There are a million stories in the Naked City”, well in the Big D I think that I had close to a million stories all by myself.
There is a commercial for a new TV cop show that uses a phrase that cops have used for years to welcome a rookie cop to there first day on the job, “Congratulation, you just got a front row seat to the Greatest Show on Earth” and it was for all 25 years.
But before I let my mind wander and start boring you with dozens of old stories I better get back on track, and post two pictures I found showing my metamorphosis as a big city cop.

The first one is me in the summer of 1973, still just a little baby rookie cop getting ready to spread his wings and trying to look like a tough guy.

Now if you scroll down you will see the older, more experienced, wiser, understanding, kinder and a whole helluva lot tougher cop that I became in the late 80's.

That is All...........10-4....................... Over and Out

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