Friday, January 8, 2010

Cold weather or Computers-which do I hate more

The first week of Twenty-ten is just about over and we didn't do a darn thing, thank God for the Collage Bowl Games for we might have gone stir crazy. We did bundle up with about five layers of clothing one day and sneak out to the store for supplies to get us through this mini winter that we're experiencing down here in the frozen tundra known as Naples Florida. Yes I can hear everybody up north crying that it's ten below were you are, but it's suppose to be cold up north, I shouldn't be waking up to temperatures in the low to mid 30's. When it's this cold down here and you're out walking on the beach it's hard to tell if it's sand or snow, I got so confused that I tried to make a sandman but it just wouldn't roll up into a ball.

Cathy and one of her friends decided to spend the day at the Malls which meant that I got the house (RV) to myself, I decided to put a couple video classics in the DVD, or as she refers to them, stupid movies, well there ain't nothing stupid about Clint Eastwood. As I was watching the movie I figured this was a perfect time to do a bunch of updates on the different computer programs, everything went great for the first hour then I came to the Sprint compass card upgrade. It hung up the first try so I had to shut everything down and do a reboot, same thing for the second try, third times a charm, NOT, everything loaded up and was installing, with their little note that this will take several minutes. Well to me 30 minutes is several and I figured that it hung up again, time for another reboot, this time I figured that they meant several and 45 minutes were the same thing, wrong again. So now I've been at this for about two hours now and when I canceled the install it took every thing off the computer for Sprint so now I don't even have the old un-updated program. Cathy just got home and I'm trying to hide the fact the I've screwed up here internet connection and that she is now all alone in this world, no email no blogs just me and Clint, fortunately she's distracted with all the shopping bags. I'm ready to try anything right now so I unplug the cable from the USB port and plug it in to the USB port right next to it the old one and WOW. All sorts of little windows started popping up at the bottom of the screen, Found New Hardware-Installed, Found New Drive-Installed, Found new GPS-Installed, Found New Software-Installed,Found New Micro Chip-Installed, Found a Dollar in change under the cushion of the couch, all new systems now loaded and operational. All of a sudden I was back on line with the new updated program and everything was working perfect. And that my friends is how I became a computer genius.

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