Sunday, February 5, 2012

Our week in review

We're now in North fort Myers for the month and looking forward to staying busy seeing stuff, doing things and seeing friends and family.

We spent one day biking around LakePark which is pretty much right in the middle of Fort Myers. Once you get inside the park you'll think that you're 30 miles out int the country. They have a big lake, beaches, kayak and paddle boat rentals, one,two and four seater bikes, a miniature train to take rides around the park on, about 8 miles of hiking and biking trails (paved) and a garden.

 Boardwalk and rental area

 Bike path

A little cloudy one day so we went to the Edison Ford Winter Estates, we only planed on spending a couple hours here today so we just wandered around the gardens, we're saving the museum and homes for a rainy day.

Just about all the Heritage plants are for sale in the nursery.
a lot of color

Two in the bush
Fig tree
Air plant
Star fruit
 I love the twisted trunk filled with air plants

Eighty degrees and sunny so we went over to Pine Island to bicycle the south half of the island. First thing we did was spot a Book sale sign at the library, so that's where we spent our first hour. The ride south to St James was pretty straight and level and boring, not a lot to see until you get to the south end and because it was a Saturday all the motorcycles were gathered at the outdoor bars with the bands playing. The one bar was karaoke and they sounded pretty bad, the other had a three piece band doing a country rock and roll which wasn't to bad. Other then the bars there is absolutely nothing there, maybe next week when we do the north end it will be better. 

 A fast Pepsi stop here

All along the path they had the power poles painted up

One of the houses at the end of the trail

Of course this house was right around the corner.

We almost traded for this tandem
Perched on a nest near where we parked.


Jim and Sandie said...

Once again - absolutely gorgeous pictures. And I keep meaning to tell you - we bought one of those bed savers that you told us about for the fifth wheel hitch. Certainly helps give me more peace of mind. Thanks so much for giving us the website info.

Margie and Roger said...

As Sandie said, beautiful photos as usual. The bird shots are great. Looks like we will miss you in North Fort Myers. You will probably be leaving when we are arriving. We arrive in Sarasota for a rally March 1, 2, 3 then driving down to North Ft. Myers. Just made a reservation for Fox Mobile Home and RV Park ($17 with PA). We booked 4 days, but after reading your blog, we should maybe stay longer in that area. We are just roaming around for awhile, then will return to Davenport. Looks like you have been really having a nice time.